How to import GCP marks from PIX4Dmapper into PIXDmatic


If GCPs were marked in a PIX4Dmapper project they can be exported and imported into PIX4Dmatic project. This way it is not needed to mark them in the images again.

The following needs to be the same in both projects in order for the import to work:

  • The file directory of the images. 
  • The name of the images. 
  • The name of the GCPs.

How to export marks in PIX4Dmapper

Important: The following settings need to be applied for a seamless import into PIX4Dmatic:
  • File format: PIX4D marks files (*.txt, *.csv).
  • Marks' Zoom Level - Unselected.
  • Image Directory - Selected.
  • Data Delimited  - Comma.

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