Billing and licensing FAQ

Can Pix4D software be tried for free?

A 15-day trial is offered to new users after the creation of an account.

Which payment options are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Wire transfers are also possible (contact our Sales team for this option).

Can a one-month subscription be purchased?

Yes. Pix4D subscriptions are renewed monthly or annually.

Can additional Cloud processing be purchased for a Pix4Dmapper perpetual license?

It is possible. Contact our Sales team for more information.

How to change or cancel a subscription?

Modifications or cancelling of a subscription are available at any time from the subscription page. Any downgrade changes, including cancellations, will be reflected only at the end of the existing billing cycle. If a subscription is cancelled, it will not renew automatically and the billing will not occur at the end of the current billing cycle. For more information: How to cancel the subscription plan.

What happens if the credit card information is removed from the account page?

If credit card information is removed and is not present for the next billing period, the auto-renewal of the subscription will not take place and the plan will be cancelled. The plan can be restarted at any time and no charges are applied.

Are Cloud data accessible after the subscription is cancelled?

Data are retained on Pix4D Cloud for 180 days after the subscription ends. The access to view all of the previously created 2D maps and 3D models is guaranteed during this period. After the 180 days, the data is deleted. Subscribing to a paid plan within this 180-day window will reactivate all features, and remove the expiry date from the projects and data. For more information: Retention policy of Pix4D Cloud projects.

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