How to cancel the subscription plan

The subscription plan can be cancelled or edited anytime. Cancelling the plan means deactivating the auto-renewal option. The Cloud allowance is still defined by the purchased plan and valid until the subscription ending date.

To cancel the subscription plan:

1. On the left sidebar of the Cloud home page, click the account name.
2. Click Subscription Plan.


4. Open the General settings and click CANCEL PLAN.


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  • Marcus Bernau

    i did not want a trial or a yearly subscription i got tricked into and having difficulties trying to reverse something that doesnt even work for me that it is not compatible with my phone until after downloading 

  • Holden (Pix4D)

    Hi Marcus. I'm not sure I understand. Pix4D Capture is a free application. How do you mean its not compatible with your phone?

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