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To create a zoned map from an index map.

1. Click Zonation above the Layers menu. The ZONATION tool opens.
2. Select the Source Layer from the dropdown menu. The input map can be either an index layer or the surface model.
3. Set the Quality level to either Normal or High, and then choose the Number of  Classes in which the values of the index will be distributed. The number of classes chosen corresponds to the number of zones in the output layer.
4. Click GENERATE, and then, if you are satisfied with the result.
5. Click APPLY to create the layer.
6. The Zonation layer now appears in the list of layers. You can rename the layer.

Export Zonation

To export a zonation map.

1. Click the Export icon on the top right of the window.
2. In the EXPORT sidebar, select  Data files below Select export type.
3. Below Select layers, check the box next to Zonation.
4. Under Select export format, check the boxes to export the layer in the needed format (GeoJSON, KML, Shapefile (.zip)).
5. Click EXPORT.


To input prescription values on a zonation map.

1. Generate a zonation map as outlined in section Zonation.
2. On the right sidebar under rate [units/ha] input the desired values for each zone.
3. The column amount [units] will update based on the inputs.

Note: The measurement units depend on the farm machinery and software in which the prescriptions will be applied. For example, units can be in imperial or metric, and can denote weights, volumes, and rates.


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