Practical knowledge

3D modeling with Parrot Bebop 2

This article aims at detailing the workflow and best practices to use Pix4D products for real estate purposes with a Parrot Bebop 2 to capture images.

How can I get access to Pix4D products?

For real estate applications with a Bebop 2, Pix4Dcloud is a solution that gives access to the Cloud platform of Pix4D. Additional information about Real estate can be found on the Pix4D website.

What does the Pix4Dcloud license include?

Pix4D products
Processing, visualization, export, web sharing. More information on the Pix4Dcloud allowance in Pix4Dcloud - FAQ.
App - Pix4Dcapture
(unlimited) Flight planning, image acquisition
Pix4Dcloud specifics
Generated outputs

3D Textured Mesh
Point Cloud

Downloadable Files

Input Images
Results folder (Export to Pix4D Desktop)
3D Textured Mesh (.obj, .fbx)
Point Cloud (.las)
Orthomosaic (.GeoTIFF)
Quality Report (.pdf, .XML)
Processing log


Add markers and labels to identify elements
Measure distances, surfaces and volumes in your 3D model

How can I get assistance?

Pix4D Support Site provides a wealth of information with many articles in the knowledge base.
Pix4D Community allows the users to share experience and interact with the Support Team.
Parrot Customer Support also gives access to personalized help.

How should I proceed to start? What is the workflow?

The general workflow that is suggested consists of the following steps:

1. Plan and fly a mission with Bebop 2 and the Pix4Dcapture app.
2. Transfer the images from the drone to the device and upload the mission to Pix4Dcloud.
3. Process on Pix4Dcloud with the applied default settings.
4. Share, publish, export to 3rd party software or 3D print your 3D model.

How to fly with Pix4Dcapture app?

The Getting Started provides the basis for understanding the app: Pix4Dcapture - Getting Started (Android and iOS). It is recommended to carefully read the instructions before going to the field and starting the first flight.

Different types of mission can be selected depending on the purpose of the mapping. For more information:(Android, iOS) Which type of mission to choose. For real estate applications, a simple grid mission combined with a circular mission would be a good option.

How to transfer the images to Pix4Dcloud?

There are three ways to upload the images to Pix4Dcloud:

1. Through Pix4Dcapture: Synchronizing consists in generating the Pix4D project file (.p4d) on the mobile device and transferring the images from the drone. This can be done on the field right after the flight or later in the office: How to synchronize and upload a mission to the cloud

2. Directly on Pix4Dcloud: New dataset.
3. If a Pix4Dmapper license is also valid, through Pix4Dmapper: How to upload project files from Pix4Dmapper to Pix4Dcloud. Make sure to check the box Start Processing.

How to process on Pix4Dcloud?

Once the images are uploaded to Pix4Dcloud, the processing starts automatically on Pix4D servers and a notification is sent by email to confirm the status of the project. When the processing is completed, a second email is sent with the direct link to access the project.

The following instructions explain how to share the model and download the inputs or outputs:

1. Go to Pix4Dcloud.
2. In the Drive, click the mission’s or the dataset's name to access the dataset.
3. On the top right, click Share to send the link of the 2D/3D view.
4. On the top right Click Files or Download to access the downloadable files.

4.1. Click Files > Images to save both the images and .p4d file to desktop.
4.2. Click Files > Results to choose the outputs to save to desktop.

Share, publish, export to 3rd party software or 3D print your 3D model

This section describes how to share, publish, export to 3rd party software or 3D print your 3D model.


The list of outputs available in Pix4Dmodel cloud.

How to share

Click Share at the top right of your project view and external links and HTML embedded links to the project will be created. More information in Share.

Compatibility with 3rd party software

The outputs of Pix4Dcloud are compatible with many 3rd party softwares, such as:

For the full output compatibility list: Pix4D outputs with other software > by output.

How to 3D print your 3D model

Outputs from Pix4Dcloud can be printed in 3D: Pix4D outputs for 3D printing