PIX4Dcatch Professional License

This support web article outlines the various features available in our software and the corresponding licenses required to access them. The article is a useful guide for users to understand the specific licenses needed to utilize different features.

List of features and license needed for each feature


Catch Features





Connect to Emlid RTK

Connect to Trimble RTK

Connect to viDocs distributed by Pix4D (²)



Tie Points Auto-detection

GCPs Auto-detection
Export project Images
Export project PointCloud
Export GCP collection
Export Site-Localization collection
Export project GCPs points and Marks
Export project Tie points and Marks
Upload project to PIX4Dcloud ✅(*) ✅(*)

AR - Points

AR- Settings
PIX4Dcloud AR without RTK connection ✅(*) ✅(*)
PIX4Dcloud AR with RTK connection ✅(*)


(1) PIX4Dcatch Standard refers to any Pix4d valid license holder including at least one the following:

(2) If you purchased a PIX4D-adapted viDoc RTK from Pix4D before Sept 1st, 2024 you have a perpetual, hardware-attached license for the full version of Catch for the life of your viDoc distributed from Pix4D hardware.

Owners of these viDoc distributed by Pix4D devices do not need any Pix4d valid license to connect with the PIX4Dcatch app and will have enabled all PIX4Dcatch Professional features by default.

If you did not buy your viDoc distributed from Pix4D, please contact Pix4D sales for options.

(*) Feature only available for users with a valid PIX4Dcloud License

Acquiring and Using Seats

When you own a PIX4Dcatch-Professional License, you can activate the PIX4Dcatch-Professional Subscription (also known as a seat) on one device at a time. This subscription unlocks the professional features of PIX4Dcatch on the device where it is activated.

Device Usage Restrictions

If you attempt to use a "PIX4Dcatch-Professional feature" on a second device while the subscription is active on another device, you will receive a notification that the subscription is currently in use by another device.

Releasing a Subscription/Seat

To free up the subscription for use on another device, follow these steps:

  1. Logout from the Device: Log out from the device where the subscription is currently active.
  2. Wait 12 Hours: After logging out, please allow 12 hours for the subscription to automatically expire on the previous device.
Purchasing a PIX4Dcatch-Professional License

Purchase Options

You can purchase a PIX4Dcatch-Professional License through the following methods:

  • Yearly Subscription: Purchase directly from sales for a yearly PIX4Dcatch-Professional subscription.
  • Monthly Subscription via In App Purchase: Buy directly from the app through In App Purchase for a monthly PIX4Dcatch-Professional subscription that auto-renews.

For further assistance or questions about PIX4Dcatch-Professional Licenses, please contact our support team.