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Create a new dataset to start processing imagery and create maps and digital twins of the reality or upload outputs to PIX4Dcloud.

Access: This feature is only available on PIX4Dcloud Advanced and when a 3D map or a 2D orthomosaic template is selected.


1.Dataset creation 2.Image selection 3.Processing options
4.GCPs automation


Processing with GCPs/Checkpoints Processing without GCPs/Checkpoints  

To process a project with GCPs:

  1. Select Upload file.
  2. Browse the CSV file which contains the GCPs' details and click Open.
  3. The GCPs are imported.
    Note that the CSV file has to be in a certain format before being imported. For more information, Upload the GCP file.
  4. (Optional) Click Replace file to upload a new GCP file.
  5. (Optional) Click delete.png to delete the GCP file.
  6. Define the GCP coordinate system. Drag and drop a PRJ file defining the coordinate system, or search a coordinate system based on: EPSG code or name of the coordinate system.
    Only a projected coordinate system is supported.
  7. (Optional) Click See and edit control points. Switch between the two following options:
    • Control point table: the control points table lists the imported control points and their properties.
    • Control point Map: When clicking Map, an OpenLayers map is displayed with the GCPs and Checkpoints.
      For more information, See and edit the defined control points.
  8. Click Start processing.


Importing GCPs on PIX4Dcloud Advanced project.

Information: The full instructions list can be found at AutoGCPs detection functionality.
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