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Share to PIX4Dcloud - PIX4Dsurvey

Share to PIX4Dcloud is a feature of PIX4Dsurvey introduced in version 1.36, which makes it easy to share a project or part of one with just a web link. The point cloud, vector layers, and volume layers can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud when logged in with a valid PIX4Dsurvey license. All layers will be stored in PIX4Dcloud, with shareable URL links that can be obtained during and after the upload.

Video: PIX4Dsurvey tutorial: Share to PIX4Dcloud from PIX4Dsurvey

Video: The integration of PIX4Dsurvey with PIX4Dcloud is quick and smooth with just a web link! Share your point clouds, vector layers, and volume layers with colleagues and clients. Choose whether you provide viewing or editing rights to enhance collaboration and speed up your job using our secure cloud solution!

Share to PIX4Dcloud requirements

  • This feature is available for PIX4Dsurvey version 1.36.0 or above. A valid license is required, such as a trial, monthly, yearly, and perpetual with active Support and Upgrade (S&U).
  • A PIX4Dcloud license is not needed to use the Share to PIX4Dcloud option.
  • PIX4Dsurvey monthly billing subscribers can create 1 project per month.
  • PIX4Dsurvey yearly billing subscribers and perpetual license users with active S&U can create up to 12 projects per year.
  • PIX4Dsurvey trial license holders can create 1 project during the trial period.
  • The Storage expiration policy for PIX4Dcloud applies.

How to use Share to PIX4Dcloud?

To upload and share to PIX4Dcloud:

  1. Select Share to PIX4Dcloud... from the File menu or click on the Share button Share To Cloud button, found at the top-right corner of the PIX4Dsurvey window.
  2. Select the layer groups for upload to PIX4Dcloud. Groups available for upload are: point clouds, vector layers and volume layers. Within each group, it is possible to select specific layers. An entire group can be enabled/disabled if necessary using the checkbox Checkbox.

    PIX4Dsurvey share to PIX4Dcloud
  3. [Optional] Enable Erase existing cloud annotations to replace the geometries that were already uploaded (if applicable).
    Important: All the point clouds in a project are merged into a single point cloud for the upload. The newly uploaded point cloud will always replace the previous one.
  4. Click Upload. The upload will start, and you can read Share to PIX4Dcloud in the status bar. If you click OK, the data will continue being uploaded, but the Share to PIX4Dcloud tool must be opened again to retrieve the sharing links.

    PIX4Dsurvey share to PIX4Dcloud upload
  5. After a successful upload, if the upload pop-up was not closed, the PIX4Dcloud project links are displayed. To enable the links, turn on the switch Toggle switch on. Enabled sharing links can be copied by selecting the URL in the text field and the Ctrl+C or ⌘ +C keyboard combination or the copy button copy.

    PIX4Dsurvey share to PIX4Dcloud uploaded
    Tip: The validity of a sharing link can be revoked by opening File > Share to PIX4Dcloud and turning off the toggle(s) Toggle switch off.
    Tip: If a project was already uploaded, or if the upload window was closed during the upload, it is possible to retrieve the sharing links by opening the Share to PIX4Dcloud tool again. The links will appear at the bottom part of the window. It is possible to enable or disable them using the toggle switch . Enabled sharing links can be copied by selecting the URL in the text field and the Ctrl+C or ⌘ +C keyboard combination or the copy button copy.

    PIX4Dsurvey share to PIX4Dcloud links
    Tip: Changes to the shareable links can be made from within PIX4Dcloud. Once logged into, select Share share from the top-right menu bar and enable Anyone with the link can view and measure or Anyone with the link can edit and save depending on the project needs. For more information: Share a PIX4Dcloud project.
  • Every upload creates a new PIX4Dcloud project if:
    • The project was never uploaded before
    • The project's coordinates system has changed.
    • The cloud project was erased.
  • Each project can contain a single point cloud. If a PIX4Dsurvey project contains two or more point clouds, these will be merged and uploaded as a single point cloud.
  • The link between PIX4Dsurvey and PIX4Dcloud is unidirectional. Changes in PIX4Dcloud will not be reflected in the PIX4Dsurvey project.
  • PIX4Dcloud’s inspect feature cannot be used with projects uploaded from PIX4Dsurvey.
  • The color of the annotations in PIX4Dcloud reflects the colors of the vector layers in PIX4Dsurvey.
  • The 2D view is not available for projects uploaded from PIX4Dsurvey.
  • One single annotation layer is allowed per upload to PIX4Dcloud.
  • No thumbnail is created in PIX4Dcloud drive for projects uploaded from PIX4Dsurvey.
  • The Share to Cloud option does not give access to the PIX4Dcloud Advanced features, even if a PIX4Dcloud Advanced license is active.
  • Uploading PIX4Dsurvey outputs does not consume PIX4Dcloud credits.