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PIX4Dcatch within an organization

The Enterprise User Management allows a company to centralize the information and manage the access rights to licenses, cloud projects, sites, and assets generated by the employees based on their roles inside the Organization. This article explains how to upload a project from PIX4Dcatch to PIX4Dcloud when a User belongs to one or more Organizations.

General information

PIX4Dcatch allows the upload of the images and depth data captured with a mobile device to be processed on the cloud. For more information: Processing the images - PIX4Dcatch.

Any User who belongs to one or more Organizations and has the role of Owner, Manager, or Editor is entitled to upload from PIX4Dcatch to PIX4Dcloud for processing.

Users that belong to only one Organization

A User that belongs to only one Organization just has to log into PIX4Dcatch.

For example, Jane only belongs to Organization 1, which has a PIX4Dcloud license, and she has the role of Editor. She logs into PIX4Dcatch with her email and password. After finishing the capture, she clicks on Upload, and the project will be available in the Drive of Organization 1 after the processing is finished.

Users that belong to more than one Organization

Before logging into PIX4Dcatch, the User must select from which Organization the PIX4Dcloud license will be taken. To do that, they have to set that organization as the Default organization.

For example, John belongs to Organization 1 and Organization 2, and they both have one PIX4Dcloud license, but John wants to use the PIX4Dcloud license from Organization 2.

John will set his Default organization as Organization 2. When he logs in PIX4Dcatch, the license will be taken from Organization 2.

To use the PIX4Dcloud license from Organization 1, he must set the Default organization as Organization 1 and log in again.

Important: For more information about how to set a Default organization, please follow the instructions in How to modify my personal information.
Information: For more general information about the enterprise solution: Organization Support.