How to export PIX4Dcatch project logs

The project log files contain all of the logged data from each capture. This data can be valuable for many reasons, especially when trying to analyze the details of the project's capture.

Note: The project log files remain in the device used to capture the project and are not exported unless done manually following this process.

Export the project log files

Use the following steps to export the project's log files.

  1. Launch the PIX4Dcatch app unnamed (5).png

    PIX4Dcatch home screen buttons

  2. On the Home screen, tap the projects folder projects folder icon and select the project.
  3. Tap the export iconPIX4Dcatch export dialog iconlocated at the top right corner of the screen for the export dialog.

    PIX4Dcatch export logs marked

  4. Tap Export logs PIX4Dcatch project log file icon
  5. Choose the method to save or share the file.

    PIX4Dcatch export log share save dialog

The project logs are exported as .zip files and can be shared or unzipped to access the contents. Refer to How to export PIX4Dcatch projects to export the full project files.