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Contour lines

The Contour lines feature connects points of the same height with a polyline. The height values are extracted from the TIN (Triangular Irregular Network).

  • Click Process Pix4Dsurvey process icon or,
  • On the Menu bar, click Process > Contour lines.
Note: To generate contour lines the TIN needs to be generated in the project.

The following setting can be adjusted:

  • Interval [units]: It defines the contour line elevation interval. It can be in meters or in imperial according to the coordinate system used:
    • 1 m - default.
    • 3 ft(US) - default.
Example: Contour lines generated from terrain points of the PIX4Dsurvey example dataset:


Contour lines (1 m interval) displayed in the 3D view of PIX4Dsurvey.

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