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What is Share to PIX4Dcloud

Share to PIX4Dcloud is a feature of PIX4Dfields which makes it easy to share 2D layers over the internet with just a web link. It enables the connection of a PIX4dfields desktop project to the PIX4Dcloud.

An orthomosaic, DSM, index layer, or annotations can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud with a valid PIX4Dfields license. All layers will be stored in PIX4Dcloud and shareable URL links can be obtained after uploading finishes.

What are the requirements for Share to PIX4Dcloud

  • This feature is available for PIX4Dfields version 1.10 or above. A paid (commercial) license is needed (i.e. not Trial) with valid S&U.
  • An additional PIX4Dcloud license is not needed to use the Share to PIX4Dcloud option.
  • PIX4Dfields Monthly billing subscribers can create up to 50 projects per month.
  • PIX4Dfields Yearly billing subscribers can create up to 600 projects per year.
  • PIX4Dfields perpetual licenses with valid S&U can create up to 600 projects per year.
  • The Storage expiration policy for PIX4Dcloud applies.

How to use Share to PIX4Dcloud?

To upload and share to PIX4Dcloud:

  1. Select Export from the right corner of the top bar.
  2. Click on the share__1_.png Share option to open the Share to PIX4Dcloud menu.
  3. Select the layers, such as the orthomosaic (Visual), the surface model (Elevation), index map, or annotations from the LayerIcon.png Select layers option to upload and share to PIX4Dcloud.
  4. Define the output size of the layers by selecting between 25%, 50%, or 100% image scale output. 100% maintains full resolution, while a smaller image scale results in smaller file size and a faster upload to PIX4Dcloud.
  5. [Optional] The name of the Share to PIX4Dcloud project is predefined by the name of the PIX4Dfields desktop project. The name can be modified before uploading.
  6. Click Upload. After a successful upload, the PIX4Dcloud project link is displayed in a pop-up window.
  7. Select the access rights and then click on Copy link. Paste it into the web browser to view the project. Private will require PIX4D login credentials to view the project.


    Tip: Changes to the shareable links can be made from within PIX4Dcloud. Once logged into, select share.png Share from the top-right menu bar and enable Anyone with the link can view and measure or Anyone with the link can edit and save depending on the needs of the project. For more information: Share a PIX4Dcloud project.
  8. Click on Share history to view all PIX4Dcloud project links created in PIX4Dfields (for the specific opened project).
  • Every upload creates a new PIX4Dcloud project.
  • Every upload is limited to one RGB orthomosaic, one surface model, and one index map.
  • Max upload is 20GB in total for the upload of 3 layers (e.g., 10GB + 5GB + 5GB) or for a single layer upload (i.e. 20GB).
  • The PIX4Dcloud project link can be used from a mobile phone with a GPS location marker.
  • No existing PIX4Dcloud projects can be synchronized to the desktop device.
  • PIX4Dcloud’s inspect feature cannot be used with projects uploaded from PIX4Dfields.
  • One single annotation layer is allowed per upload to PIX4Dcloud.
  • R0037: Holes in annotations are not supported in PIX4Dcloud.

Error R0072

Error R0072 can happen due to several reasons.

  • Big files that require higher connection quality to upload. Try reducing the Image Scale:

  • Most cases are solved by connecting to the internet through an Ethernet cable. This will reduce micro-disconnections and will help PIX4Dfields finish the uploading.
  • Licenses issue: Make sure that the limits mentioned above are not reached.