Which cameras are supported in Pix4Dmatic

Manufacturer Camera Syntax Compatibility (listed version and above)
DJI Mavic Pro FC220_4.7_4000x3000 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Mavic 2 Pro L1D-20c_10.3_5472x3648 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Phantom 3 Professional FC300X_3.6_4000x3000 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Phantom 4 FC330_3.6_4000x3000 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Phantom 4 Pro FC6310_8.8_4864x3684
Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Phantom 4 Pro V2 FC6310S_8.8_4864x3648
Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Phantom 4 RTK FC6310R_8.8_5472x3648 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Zenmuse X4S FC6510_8.8_5472x3648 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Parrot Anafi Anafi_4.0_4608x3456
Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
senseFly  Aeria X senseFlyAeriaX_18.5_6000x4000 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
S.O.D.A. S.O.D.A._10.6_5472x3648 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
S.O.D.A. 3D S.O.D.A._10.6_5472x3648 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
S.O.D.A. Corridor S.O.D.A._10.6_5472x3648 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1


Cyber-shot DSC-RX1RM2 DSC-RX1RM2_35.0_7952x5304 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 DSC-WX220_4.4_4896x3672 Pix4Dmatic 1.0.1
UMC-R10C UMC-R10C_E15mmF4.5_15.0_5456x3632
Pix4Dmatic 1.2.1
Note: Pix4Dmatic automatically detects geolocation information in the EXIF of the images. Importing image geolocation using .csv or .txt files is currently not supported.
Important: For processing in Pix4Dmatic both image geolocation and orientation need to be written in the EXIF of images.
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  • Jeongheon Seo

    My data was captured with DJI Phantom4pro. but message is "Camera not supported"
    What happen?

  • Blaž (Pix4D)

    Hi, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro camera is supported in Pix4Dmatic. It could be that you are using image resolution that is not supported. 

    Could you double-check that you are using one of the following resolutions?

    • 4864x3684
    • 5472x3648


  • Jeongheon Seo

    My picture is 7,677~9,428Mbyte/each.


  • Jeongheon Seo

    5472 X 3648 X 16M

  • Anrijs Strazdins

    I have the same problem - "Camera not supported"

    Phantom 4 RTK , 4864x3648 resolution

  • Arash Jedi

    Hi i have same problem with import Geotaged image by teokit

    "camera not supported " error

  • Michael Tucker

    I am having the same image with my Mavic Pro 2

  • f m

    Mavic Enterprise Zoom - camera not supportet by Pix4Dmatic - any suggestions when this camera will be supportet?

  • Pierangelo Rothenbühler

    We're working on an improvement that should enable you to import different resolutions for a supported camera model and import more cameras, as long as they have the required geotags (geolocation and IMU). We'll update the article as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, please continue posting the camera models that you'd like to see supported in the comments, that way we can prioritize them. Thank you.

  • Balint Vanek

    Dear Pierangelo,

    We created a dataset with sony a6400 images, xmp roll, pitch, yaw and exif lattitude, longitude, height above sea level: https://we.tl/t-RpUuOIPj65
    Please use it to add the camera model to the database of pix4dmatic!

  • Balint Vanek

    The second part of the dataset can be found here: https://we.tl/t-LBtgvvFmzx
    30 Gb total.

  • Balint Vanek

    Modified Skywalker EVE-2000, Sony a6400, Zeiss Ventum 21 mm (manual), 18 m/s airspeed, 263 m height above ground, 1/1250 s shutter speed, f 4.0, ~4.88 cm/pixel

  • Aaron Martinez

    DJI FC6310 5472x3078

  • OEM-reseller Sci.Aero

    Sony a6000 and all a7r variants. 

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