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Measurement tool - PIX4Dfields

Measurement tool

The Measure tool is used to measure distances or areas. Measurements are temporary until saved as a permanent annotation. Once saved as an annotation it can be exported as GeoJSON, KML, or Shapefile.

Create measurements

To create measurements:

  • marker.pngClick the Measure or Annotation tool.
  • Select one of the following markers:
    • distance.jpg Line: Shows the length (m/ft).
    • area.jpg Area: Shows the surface (ha/ac).
  • Left-click to start the drawing of the object in the map view.
  • Click the check (check.png) to end the drawing.
  • (Measurements can be saved only as annotations) Enter a Title and Description and click CREATE.

Edit measurements

  • Click the annotation symbol center_on_marker.png
  • Find the annotation at the left bottom of the window.
  • Select the annotation to edit
  • Toggle on the Edit function (at the bottom right of the window).
  • Click the “plus” sign to create more corners or vertices.
  • To remove a vertex, drag the dot of the vertex on top of another dot.
  • Wait until a red halo appears around the selected vertex then release the mouse button.
  • (For polygons) Move the whole polygon by clicking the multi-directional arrow in the center and dragging it.
Note: For more information about annotations: Annotate a layer