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To get started, you need the following:

  • A mobile device: iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. To check the compatibility with the Pix4Dcatch application, please refer to this guide.
  • The Pix4Dcatch application
  • A Pix4D-adapted viDoc RTK rover (optional)
  • An SP connector compatible with your mobile device (optional)
  • An NTRIP service subscription or a GNSS base with NTRIP caster (optional)
  • An internet connection
  • PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dmatic, or PIX4Dcloud license for processing. (PIX4Dmapper does not support LiDAR data)

Install PIX4Dcatch

To set up PIX4Dcatch:

  • Download the latest version of PIX4Dcatch for iOS and Android.

    google-play-badge itunes app store icon

  • Start PIX4Dcatch.
  • Select the Pix4Dcatch account icon icon on the screen.
  • In the Account Details, either create a new Pix4D account or log in with an existing Pix4D account.
  • Once PIX4Dcatch is installed on the device, it is ready to start capturing datasets with the integrated GNSS sensor or with RTK corrections.

Go to Capturing a dataset for best practices in acquiring a dataset with PIX4Dcatch.

To achieve more precise image geolocation use the Pix4D-adapted viDoc RTK rover. Go to How to use Pix4Dcatch with Pix4D-adapted viDoc RTK rover for more information.

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