Pix4D licenses


Pix4D floating licenses

Pix4D licenses are floating licenses which allow the user to:

  • be logged in one or more computers - devices (laptop or desktop machine) at the same time
  • install Pix4D Desktop in as many computers as wanted without a need to uninstall Pix4D Desktop to move the license to another computer

If you have already activated all devices owned by your license (for instance 2) and you are trying to log in on a third computer, a Discovery license will be used.

To transfer a license from one computer to another simply log out of the software on the computer you are currently using your license, and log into the new computer of your choice. Learn more about how to log out Pix4Dmapper Desktop.
If you do not have access to the computer that is currently using one of your multiple seats, you can remotely deactivate a device. Learn more about how to remotely deactivate a device.

How to change my Pix4D account email?

It is possible to change an email address for the one which does not exist under any other Pix4D account.

Please submit a request to Pix4D Support Team that we could make changes.

How to transfer a license to a different Pix4D account?

To transfer your license to a different Pix4D account, please:

Temporarily deactivate any computer that is activated with your license. Learn how to log out Pix4Dmapper Desktop. You can also remotely deactivate your computer if it is inaccessible or corrupted, or if you recently reinstalled your computer's operating system or formatted its hard drive. Learn how to remotely deactivate a device.

Create the Pix4D account that you want to transfer your license to at Sign up.

Submit a request to Pix4D Support with the following details:

  • The email address of the Pix4D account you want to transfer your license to
  • The 8-digit alphanumeric ID of the Pix4D license that you want to transfer
  • The ID number of any projects on Pix4D Cloud that you want to transfer
  • Written confirmation from the license's current owner that the license can be transferred
  • Confirm that all your devices are deactivated
    Note: The cloud projects will remain on the current account - after changing the license ownership, you will not be able to access the projects on Pix4D Cloud using the new email address.

Pix4D license troubleshooter

Solve your licenses problems with the Pix4D license troubleshooter.

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