Can PIX4Dmapper process large frame images?


PIX4Dmapper can process large frame images. To do so, purchasing the large frame add-on is required to process images of a resolution higher than 65 MP.

Without the large frame add-on 

For PIX4Dmapper version 4.8.3 or above, 65 MP is the maximum limit for the image resolution. 

For PIX4Dmapper version 4.8.2 or below, 55 MP is the maximum limit for the image resolution.

If a license has valid Support and Upgrades, upgrading to PIX4Dmapper version 4.8.3 or above allows processing images of a resolution higher than 55 MP but no more than 65 MP. The installer is available in PIX4Dmapper technical release notes.

With the large frame add-on 

If you wish to process images of a resolution higher than 65MP, please contact us

The large frame add-on is valid as long as a valid license is, regardless of the Support and Upgrades' status. (For example: If a perpetual license has purchased a large frame add-on, it will last as long as a perpetual license.)

The large frame add-on is needed to capture images, among others, with:

  • Ultracam.
  • PhaseOne.
  • Leica RCD.
  • XCAM Ultra (WaldoAir).
  • A5D-80 (Hasselblad).
  • Any other camera that captures images of a resolution higher than 55 MP.

For more information, use this form to contact us.

PIX4Dmatic does not have a limit on the size or resolution of the images that can be imported. Visit the download page of PIX4Dmatic to install the software.

PIX4Dmatic can process images captured by practically any camera as long as the images contain the necessary EXIF/XMP (metadata) tags.

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  • chandu sheker

    Hi Team,


    can we use Pix4Dmapper’s large-frame add-on in trail version or we have to buy the addon to process the images.

    we have images with phaseone camera 100 MP. Please suggest the solution.

  • Avatar
    Blaž (Pix4D)

    Hi Chandu,

    I recommend asking our sales team for the add-on. You can reach them using this Contact us form.


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