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Which type of license is needed to be able to upload to PIX4Dcloud? - PIX4Dcapture

It is required to have a Pix4D license and to use it for logging in the app to upload to Pix4Dcloud after flying a mission. If it is not the case, a warning pop-up displays No valid license when trying to upload the project. Valid license refers to one of the following:

  • Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial.
  • Pix4Dcloud/Pix4Dcloud Advanced monthly or yearly rental license.
  • Pix4Dfields.

To activate a Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial, follow the instructions in Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial.

If the trial period has expired, it is possible to buy a Pix4Dcloud or Pix4Dcloud Advanced rental license from the Pix4D online store.