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In order to create a user template:

1. On the Menu bar, click Process > Processing Options...
2. Edit the options in order to fit the options of the new template: Menu Process > Processing Options....
3. Click Save Template.


4. Select Create New Template with Current Options...
5. On the pop-up Create New Template, write the name and the description (optional) of the new template.


6. Click OK.

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  • Dor Har


    At the moment your templates aren't support in the calibration constants, which means that if we have more that one calibration panel, and sometimes we use one of the panels, and in another time we use the second, I need to change manually all the values of all the cameras (we are using 5 or 10 different bands with our Micasense multispectral cameras).

    Please let me know if there is any way to do so automatically, and if not, we would like you to change the option of the templates in the next version so the values of the calibration will be included in the template.


    Thanks a lot,


  • Avatar
    Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi Doron, Calibration target values are not a part of our templates. If you have the newer targets, Pix4d should automatically recognize, import the target images, draw the polygons and fill in the reflectance factor values. Is that not happening?

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