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When logging into the Pix4Dmapper, the discovery mode is activated, instead of a paid or a trial license, even though there is a paid or a trial license assigned to the account. Step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic, and Index option is also grayed out. Within the Processing options, "not available with this edition" will be shown.



  1. You are logged in using the Discovery mode even if you have the available license.
  2. The paid license is activated on the maximum amount of allowed devices and you are using Discovery mode to access the software. For more information: Floating license.


Important: Make sure you are connected to the Internet for this procedure.

1. Log out of the Pix4D Discovery mode: How to log out of Pix4Dmapper.

2. Lunch the Pix4Dmapper and login back. When you log in back, click on the Available license check box and then to Pix4Dmapper license.


Note: If the number of available device(s) is zero(0/1 or 0/2), remotely deactivate your device following the instructions here: How to remotely deactivate a device. If a remote deactivation of the devices is not possible, submit a request to deactivate the devices here. 
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