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Error Description: Images and/or GCPs do not lay at the correct position on the 2D Map. When importing in a project, images with geolocation (known coordinates) or GCPs (points with known coordinates) don't show the expected position on the 2D View

There are two possible causes for this issue: 

  • The image and/or GCP input coordinates are not correct.
  • The image and/or GCP selected coordinate system are not correct.

This article highlights a few of the most common solutions to aid the invalid position of the images and GCPs on the 2D View.

Verify if the image and/or GCP input coordinates are not correct.

  1. Check that the coordinates are correct.
  2. Check that the image geolocation file and/or the GCP georeference file have been correctly imported. For more information about the:

Verify if the selected image and/or GCP coordinate system are not correct.

  1. Check that the correct coordinate system has been selected. For more information about the:
Note: Some coordinate systems can appear twice in the database with exactly the same name for the Datum and Coordinate System. One of them might be deprecated which might be the cause of the incorrect position.

To check if a coordinate system is deprecated:
To obtain or create a .prj coordinate system syntax file: How to obtain or create a .prj coordinate system syntax file.

Note: In any other case of a technical problem, please contact Support.
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  • Glenn McDonald

    I am in Australia and when i manually enter the known 3D GPS coordinates into "GCP/MTP Manager", Pix4D Mapper locates the GCP markers in Antarctica. This happens both when I try to do this before initial processing or via the "ray cloud" after processing. Even though the map after initial processing is almost exactly in the correct location.
    Any ideas to help me locate the GCP markers where they are supposed to be and not at the South Pole?

  • Avatar
    Blaž (Pix4D)

    Hi Glenn, in most cases this happens when either the wrong coordinate system is selected or when the order of coordinates is not correct. 

    Could you share the name of the coordinate system that you use (e.g. WGS 84) and one of the GCPs coordinates (e.g. GCP0,46.23456,6.56114,299.931)?



  • Glenn McDonald

    Yes, we are using WGS84. Imagery taken with Phantom4 V2.

    I was entering the coordinates manually via "ray cloud". Example of coordinates;

  • Avatar
    Blaž (Pix4D)

    I think the problem is that a projected coordinate system (UTM zone) was selected while the coordinates are in a geographic coordinate system (latitude, long).

    Changing the coordinate system to WGS 84 (geographic) should solve the issue:

  • Glenn McDonald

    This seems to have worked to bring things back to same location. Thanks

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