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Important: Available once step 1. Initial Processing has been completed and the Reflectance Map has been generated.
Warning: When an already-generated Index formula is modified, by clicking Generate, results of the selected Index will be overwritten and results of the Colored Mosaic Index will be deleted.
  • The Index Maps and Index Grids are calculated for some specific band(s) from one or more groups of images. Therefore, information from one or more Reflectance Maps may be used.
  • The Colored Index Maps are obtained by applying the defined coloring rules to the Index Maps.

In order to generate an Index Maps and an Index Grid follow:

1. On the Menu bar, click View > Index Calculator. 

2. Select, create or edit an Index: 

2.1 In section 3. Index Map of the Index Calculator Sidebar, click Indices...

2.2. The Index List pop-up appears:

2.2.1. To select an existing Index: click on any index Name and click OK.
2.2.2. To edit and select an index from the software index database: How to work with Indices - Formulas in the Index Calculator.
2.2.2. To edit and select a user defined index: How to work with Indices - Formulas in the Index Calculator.
2.2.3. To create and select a new index: How to work with Indices - Formulas in the Index Calculator.

3.Click Generate.

Note: The Generate button is:
  • Enabled if the user defined Index formula is a valid formula.
  • Grayed out if the Index formula is an invalid formula.
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