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Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove images that do not contribute to producing accurate results,  however the images were included in the project when the project was originally created. For example:

  • Images captured during the taking off and landing.
  • Images that do not contribute excessive image overlap.
  • Images that are blurry or are over or under exposed.
  • Images that do not capture the project area while the UAV was changing direction.

In these cases, to remove the images:

1. Open the project.
2. On the Menu bar, click Project > Image Properties Editor.
3. In the Image Properties Editor pop-up, disable the image by clicking on the check mark under Enabled for the images that are to be removed, as shown below:

4. Click OK.
5. Start step 1. Initial Processing.

Important: Disabling an image after a processing step is complete has no impact on the project results except if it is reoptimized afterward. It is better to disable images before processing.
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  • MES EDR Survey


    I have an image that seems too blurry to contribute to the model, however I am unsure whether or not to remove it based on the gap that it will leave in our image transects. What is the protocol for this? If I remove this image, which is very blurry, will the gap in overlapping images be of greater significance than leaving the blurry image in the job? Below is a screen shot with the camera image in question highlighted. Note that if removed, the gap in images will be about twice as large as the standard gap distance. 

    In this case, should I remove the photo, or leave it in the model even though it is blurry?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Marco (Pix4D)


    If you have enough images it should affect dramatically the quality of the output.
    And if it is too blurry, the camera for this image will not be able to calibrate and therefore the image will not be taken into account for the processing.
    So I recommend you to process with removing the blurry image. If the camera has not been able to calibrate (it will appear in red in the Ray Cloud), leave it as it is. If it has been able to process and you see that it affects the quality of the results, delete it manually as shown above and re-start processing.

    Hope this will help,

  • Austen Proctor

    In order to create manual sub groups for processing a large project, I disabled images outside the area I wanted for the sub based on lat/long (in this case lat only). It appears though that even though everything went very well creating the subs, when I now try to merge the subs, some images being enabled in one sub, but disabled in another caused it to crash and close after bringing in the first subs cameras.

    Is there any way to remove the disabled images from my subs so I can merge them?

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    Marco (Pix4D)

    Dear Austen,

    One way to disable images would be to remove them in the *.p4d file. But it won't include them anymore in any process. I am not sure that it does apply to your case.

    However we would need to investigate further in order to understand what is going on with your project.
    If you hold support & upgrade with your license, feel free to submit us a ticket describing your issue:
    Contact Support

    Thank you,

  • Covadonga Prendes Pérez


    I had a dataset captured with a UAV and it seems there was some kind of problem with the GPS while flying. As a consequence, I hava a bunch of images which are georreferecenced wrongly. I would like to remove them on the map, so I don´t need to have a look to their code to identify them in the Image Properties Editor. Is it possible to do that? 

    Thanks in advance.

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    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Covadonga Prendes Pérez,

    I would add a processing area in the map view excluding these cameras.


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