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Note: Your Pix4D license is a floating license, so you can log out of PIX4Dmapper on one computer and log in to PIX4Dmapper on another. You do not need to uninstall PIX4Dmapper to move your Pix4D license from one computer to another.

To move your Pix4D license from one computer to another: 

1. Log out of PIX4Dmapper desktop application on your current computer: How to log out of PIX4Dmapper.
2. Install PIX4Dmapper on your new computer: Software Download and Installation.
3. Launch PIX4Dmapper on your new computer and log in with Pix4D account: How to log in to PIX4Dmapper.

Important: Each Pix4D license includes a certain number of seats. Each license seat can activate a computer. Learn about the total number of license seats included with each Pix4D license: Floating license.


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  • Paul Vincent

    I have an educational license and used one of my downloads of pix4d mapper for my desktop computer last year.  Recently, IT changed the hard drive on my computer but kept the name of my computer the same. Can I install/activate pix4d on my new hard drive without using my second license/seat (I'm trying to get a laptop to use in the field)?  Thanks.

  • Holden (Pix4D)

    Hi Paul. You can install on whatever device you like as long as you log out of the previous seat. If you can no longer physically log out just use the remote deactivation feature linked below. Otherwise, just reach out to support and we can help get you straightened out.



    Tengo un problema. Una de las dos licencias que tengo para usar estaba dado de alta en una computadora que ya no funciona. ¿Sería posible desactivar la computadora? Es la siguiente computadora:

    Tengo License Key a9e4f37d 

    Device name


  • Holden (Pix4D)

    HI Denio. I have deactivated the license. In the future, I would recommend reaching out to us directly using a support ticket. 

  • Municipio de Celaya

    formatee mi maquina y al instalar el software no me deja usarlo, solo me pone que usar el modo descubrir que mi licencia esta en uso, me urge hoy mismo mismo huzar el software software

  • Municipio de Celaya

    mi licence key es 31ee3da2

  • Municipio de Celaya

    este es el equipo que se formateo DESKTOP-4S36ONM

  • Municipio de Celaya

    good day format my computer and today when installing the software does not allow me to start a loan, they could close my computer loan:
    my license key is 31ee3da2

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hola Municipio de Celaya,

    Hemos desactivado su dispositivo.


  • Jaeil Cho

    Hello, I also have the same problem with the license as previous users.

    Could you close my computer called 'CCP-RYU'

    my license key is 2a38c542.

    Thank you for reading these sentences.


  • Zendesk Admin Service Account

    Hello Jaeil,

    I deactivated your license :-)

    Edited by Zendesk Admin Service Account
  • joshua moore

    Hi there, I am trying to log in to the Pix4D Mapper but it I have Pix4d Model license that came with my Parrot Anafi Work for a year. I have used the cloud version but the mapper seems to be a lot more precise. 

    I am looking at using this for 3D models and DWG outputs for importing into vectorworks program for drawing in 2D and 3D. 


    Any help much appreciated. Thanks

  • Avatar
    Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Joshua,

    If you're interested in the Pix4Dmapper subscription, please contact our Sales Department, so they prepare you an offer. 

    They'll also answer all the licensing question you may have 


  • Luciano Rantica

    Hola, por un problema con windows tuve que reinstalar windows y no pude cerrar la licencia. Ahora quiero ponerla en la pc con todo reinstalado y no me admite entrar. Como puedo desactivar el equipo anterior y activarlo en este actual?



  • Avatar
    Blaž (Pix4D)

    Hola Luciano,

    We deactivated the device and you should be able to use it on the new PC now. 


  • kang xi

    Hello I applied for a 15 day trial. Still haven't received it. Isn't it supposed to appear when I request it. Thank you. 

  • Avatar
    Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi kang xi,

    Please contact directly our Sales Department. They will help you as soon as possible.


  • Antonio Anelli

    Hi kang xi: after trial period, if you want, I can process your dataset using my perpetual license

  • camile francois

    I´m trying to sign in with a new device (first one didn´t work) I I just can´t. I´m trying the free trial. please help!

  • Zendesk Admin Service Account

    Hi Camile,

    Could you please try again? I removed the license that was assigned to your machine. You should be able to activate it now to a new machine.

  • Angel Belzunce

    Buenas no consigo desactivar la licencia de un ordenador que formateé, y no me deja entrar en pix4d mapper desktop.


    Edited by Angel Belzunce
  • Zendesk Admin Service Account

    Hola Angel,

    Ya la he desactivado. Puedes eliminar la captura de pantalla de tu comentario porque tiene informacion privada sobre tu licencia y igual no la quieres online.


    I have formatted my old pc and i didnt log out. I can't log in to my new. Please help. I can't use the manual deactivation. My licence number is 65deb99e

  • Yuka (Pix4D)

    Hi Vagelis,  

    I have deactivated your device. It should be able to log in now. 

  • ary koswara


    could you guys help me, i want to try pix4dmapper, so i created an account and download the trial version 4.6.3 and then installed it on my pc, i thought that i would get the full software for 15 days ? instead it is only the discovery mode which i cannot produce ortho ?


  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hello Ary, 

    You should be able to access all the processing options using the Pix4Dmapper software. I would recommend you to try the steps explained in the below support article, 

    It looks like there is no trial license under your email, I would recommend you to go through our support article on How to get a trial of Pix4Dmapper.  If you still have an issue contact our sales team

  • ary koswara

    hello kapil,

    thank you for your response. i have try the step on support page but still no go.

    i will contact the sales team.


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