Number and Distribution of Ground Control Points (GCPs) in Corridor Mapping

Corridor mapping includes railways, roads, rivers, etc. For more information about corridor mapping flight plan: 202557459.

In general terms, it is highly recommended to add GCPs in such projects in order to make the model more stable and accurate. The number of GCPs depends on the relative accuracy of the image geolocation. If the images have accurate relative position, then 8-10 GCPs are enough. The length of the project also affects the number of the required GCPs. The longer the corridor, the more the GCPs.

Figure 1. Distirbution of the GCPs in corridor mapping


If the available budget and time permit the use of more GCPs or if the image geolocation is not precise, it is recommended a more dense network of GCPs:

Figure 2. Distribution of many GCPs in corridor mapping


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