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The main advantage of the rayCloud is that it connects the 3D model and the outputs (Optimized Camera Positions, Automatic Tie Points, Point Cloud) to the inputs (2D images, Camera Positions, GCPs). With this information, it is possible to easily assess the accuracy of the project, detect problems and correct them:
  • Very precise feature extraction:
    It is possible to obtain very accurate coordinates for any 3D point of the model. Click on the 3D point in the rayCloud and visualize its reprojection on the original input images. If the reprojection is not precise enough, add a Manual Tie Point to improve the reconstruction and the coordinates of this point.
  • Accurate vector object annotation:
    It is possible to achieve very accurate measurements (distances, surfaces, volumes) as the object annotations (lines, surfaces, volumes) are visible and editable both in 3D (point cloud) and 2D (input images). For more information: How to edit Objects in the rayCloud.
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