Camera distortion


Modeling camera distortion is important to achieve precise matching of features on images. Pix4D products automatically calculate camera distortion parameters for every project in order to achieve an optimal reconstruction.

Undistorting with camera parameters

Due to lens properties, images taken with almost all cameras are distorted and a correction step needs to be applied to process them properly. As seen in the input image, the square grid is deformed when captured by the camera. Therefore, it can be difficult to match features in different images, especially close to the edges of images. 

Pix4D estimates the distortion parameters for the camera during step initial processing steps. These parameters are used internally to undistort the images. 

Undistorted images

Original image: The square grid is distorted because of the lens of the camera.

Distorted images

Undistorted image: The square grid is now perfectly aligned.

It is possible to save the undistorted images: Menu Process > Save Undistorted Images (Pix4Dmapper).

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