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Getting Started - PIX4Dcapture

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Step 1. Plan the mission

1. Launch Pix4Dcapture.
2. Select your drone.

2.1. Tap Settings ic_settings.png.
2.2. Tap Drone and select your drone.

3. Select a mission. For more information: (Android, iOS) Which type of mission to choose.

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4. Move, resize, and rotate your mission so that it covers your project area.
5. Select a safe altitude.
6. Tap ic_settings.png to customize your mission settings.
7. Save the mission for future use.

Step 2. Fly the mission

1. Place your drone in an area that you can safely take off from and land in.
2. Turn on your drone and controller according to your drone manufacturer's recommended order of operations.
3. Connect your phone or tablet to your drone according to your drone manufacturer's recommended order of operations.
4. Force close all drone applications that are open on your phone or tablet.
5. Launch Pix4Dcapture.
6. Choose a mission from the Projects List or plan a new mission.


7. Tap Start.


8. Verify that your drone is connected, then tap Next.


9. Complete the checklist, then tap or hold Start until the motors start spinning.

Tip: Tap an item in the checklist to learn more.

10. While your drone is flying:

  • Keep your hands on the controller, phone, or tablet at all times.
  • Maintain eye contact with your drone at all times.
  • Take control or stop the mission by tapping Abort, changing flight modes, or moving the controller's joysticks.

11. When the mission finishes:

  • Your drone automatically returns and lands at its home position.
  • Take control of your drone if you want to land manually by changing flight modes or by moving the controller's joysticks.
Warning: Know your drone before flying a mission. Manual control of the drone is the only way to avoid obstacles or get back a drone that flies away due to GPS interference. For more information, have a look at the drone's user manual.
Step 3. Process the images

Upload and process on Pix4Dcloud
Process locally with Pix4Dmapper application



1. Pix4Dcapture will automatically start downloading images to your phone or tablet after capturing the mission's final photo:

  • Keep your drone and remote controller on and connected to your phone or tablet to wirelessly download your images.
  • Pix4Dcapture creates a .p4d project file that you can use to process your project. Learn more about this .p4d file and how to use it: (Android, iOS) Is the .p4d file required for processing?.

2. (optional) Tap Cancel to stop downloading images wirelessly. You can transfer your images directly from your drone's SD card to your desktop or laptop.


Process on Pix4Dcloud

You can upload your images directly to Pix4Dcloud after downloading them to your phone or tablet.

1. In the Home screen, tap Project List, and select your project.
2. Tap Upload Images.


3. You will receive an email when all of your images are uploaded and processing begins.
4. You will receive a second email when processing is finished.


Process locally with Pix4Dmapper application

For advanced processing options and outputs, transfer your images to your laptop or desktop computer to process with Pix4Dmapper application. Learn more about transferring your images to get started processing: (Android, iOS) How to transfer and process images after the mission.