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PIX4Dcatch now includes Augmented Reality (AR) to display GCPs or known points from the Point Collection during the capture if the PIX4Dcatch RTK rover is connected.

Video: Additional information about AR Points and short videos are available on the Pix4D blog post from January 25, 2024.


  • Turn on the AR Points: Tools menu PIX4Dcatch tools menu > AR Points PIX4Dcatch AR points buttonSelect a point collection
  • Turn off the AR Points: Tools menu PIX4Dcatch tools menu > AR Points PIX4Dcatch AR points buttonRemove the selected point collection
  • Opacity: Use the opacity slider displayed on the left of the capture viewer to adjust the opacity of the points.
    PIX4Dcatch AR points Opacity slider

    Opacity slider.

  • Points and lines labels: Turn on/off label names from the AR section in the settings panel.

How to use the AR Point visualization

  1. Open the Tools menu PIX4Dcatch tools menu.

    PIX4Dcatch AR points Tools button

    Location of the Tools menu.

  2. Select AR Points PIX4Dcatch AR points button.

    PIX4Dcatch AR points select AR points button

    Location of the AR Points button

    Important: To enable AR Points, please make sure you are connected to an RTK rover.
  3. Select the Point Collection to use.

    PIX4Dcatch AR points select collection

    Select one of the available points collections.

    Important: Only Point Collections with projected and geographic CRS are supported. Site localization-based Point Collections are not supported.
  4. Start moving around, and your points will be displayed in AR on your device screen within a few seconds.
Note: If this distance exceeds 1km, the point collection will be greyed out from the point collection list and cannot be selected.
Tip 1: AR Points can be activated at the same time as the Automatic Tag Detection. In order to enable it, you need to use a projected coordinate system. Geographic coordinate systems are not compatible with the Tag Detection feature.
Tip 2: Doing a capture while AR Points are activated is possible.
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