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Automatic annotations report can be generated at any time after a project has been processed in PIX4Dcloud Advanced.

Important: The Annotations report is only available in PIX4Dcloud Advanced.


PDF report

Access: The annotation report is accessible by clicking on Files & Export > Files > Results.Annotation report access PIX4Dcloud.png


PIX4Dcloud Advanced can record, compile, and list annotations manually created in the 2D/3D viewer or imported by the user.

Reports contain:

  • A full catalog including all the annotation types.
  • An overview of the image annotations:
    • Lines, polygons, circles, volumes, markers, and inspection screenshots are automatically triggered from the 2D/3D viewer as soon as the annotations are drawn.
    • The screenshot contains the current visualization and framing of the 2D/3D viewer.
    • The screenshots are shown in the report, along with the annotation numerical information. 
  • The report is generated with the correct annotation content.
  • The project details.
Information: If more annotations are added or modified, a new report can be regenerated by clicking Generation from the Results tab.
Note: Existing or imported annotations will be included in the PDF report but they will not have any screenshot.

PDF report

PDF configuration

It is possible to choose the information displayed in the PDF report, such as Email, Annotations, Remarks, etc., as well as the option to show only the selected items under the Annotation layers or all the annotations present in the project. Remarks for including some additional information about the project. Configure annotation report PIX4Dcloud.png

PDF structure

The .pdf report is structured as follows:

  • A front-page containing:
    • The Site name in case the project belongs to a site.
    • Information about the user generating the report.
    • The date and time of the report generation.
    • The table of contents.
  • An Overview section containing:
    • A snapshot of the project.
    • Output Coordinate System.
    • The project's name.
    • The date and time when the Project was created.
  • Remarks.
  • An Annotations section containing:
    • The full list of annotations with their type, attributes and a link to the detailed view.
  • Annotations
    • In greater detail, for each annotation, an enhanced cut-out of the annotation area together with the annotation’s properties (type, attributes and description). 
      Example_annotation report PIX4Dcloud.png
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