Pix4Dengine Server installation on Linux

This article shows you how to download, install and configure Pix4Dengine Server on Linux. Please note that the GUI is not officially supported with the Linux version.

Important: To follow this article, you will need:
  • To be connected to the Internet
  • A valid Pix4Dengine Server license. Please contact us to purchase a Pix4Dengine Server license.

1. Download

To download the Pix4Dengine Server installer for Linux (.deb package), go to https://cloud.pix4d.com/download/.

Note: Documentation and support are not available for the preview version. We recommend testing it before using it for production work.

2. Install

First install the Linux dependencies shown here: 115005135463

To install Pix4Dengine Server, you'll need to use the following command:

sudo apt install ./pix4dmapper

By default the newly installed Pix4Dengine Server executable is stored in a directory present in the PATH variable. If this is not the case, follow the instructions here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#Persistent_environment_variables

3. Configure

Before processing a project, it is necessary to login and accept the EULA (after having read it). To do so, type the following command:

pix4dmapper -c --email EMAIL_ADDRESS --password PASSWORD --accept-eula yes

The -c argument is used to prevent the graphical user interface (GUI) from opening.

Note: This and other configuration data are saved under /home/USER/.config/pix4d for Linux.

Going forward

Process a first project with Pix4Dengine Server by following the instructions here: 115005866763. For more information on how to use the command line: 202560329
For advanced users, more functions can be accessed by modifying the .p4d file: 209829943.

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