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Remote device deactivation - PIX4Dmapper


PIX4Dmapper includes a remote device deactivation feature allowing a device to be deactivated remotely. This feature can be used to deactivate inaccessible devices occupying a seat on the license. This feature will come automatically enabled with all new PIX4Dmapper licenses, older licenses will have to enable this feature manually.

Enable remote device deactivation

New PIX4Dmapper licenses will have the Remote device deactivation option enabled by default. Previously acquired PIX4Dmapper licenses will have to enable this feature manually.

Important: Before enabling the Remote device deactivation feature, it is necessary to log out all active devices. Active devices will prevent the feature from being enabled.

To enable the Remote device deactivation feature:

  1. Open PIX4Dmapper.
  2. Log out of PIX4Dmapper from all active devices. For more information see How to log out PIX4Dmapper.
  3. Go to the Licenses panel.
  4. In the PIX4Dmapper license, next to the Remote device deactivation, click Enable now.

    PIX4Dmapper enable remote device deactivation
  5. Now launch PIX4Dmapper again.
How to deactivate a device remotely

Once the Remote device deactivation feature is enabled, a device can be deactivated remotely as needed.

To remotely deactivate a computer:

  1. Go to the Licenses panel.
  2. Identify the PIX4Dmapper license and the seat that needs deactivation.
  3. In the Active devices section, click DeactivatePIX4Dmapper deactivate button.

    PIX4Dmapper deactivate device remote
  4. (Optional) Contact us if a Pix4D license is occupied by a device that cannot be remotely deactivated or from which logging out is impossible.
Note: The device must connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days, or it will be automatically deactivated.