How to remotely deactivate a device

Starting from the new version 4.0.11 a new license management has been implemented. 

To be able to remotely deactivate a device:

1. Download the latest version of Pix4D Desktop software:
2. Log out from Pix4D Desktop software: 208469726
3. Access the webpage:
4. In the page Licenses, click enable.png.
5. Log in Pix4D Desktop software. This will automatically register the device on the Licenses page. 
6. To deactivate the device, access the webpage and click Deactivate REMOVE.png.

Information: For more information on how to log out Pix4D desktop using the software: 208469726.
Note: After enabling this feature, the device should be connected to the internet before the end of the 30-day online license check, otherwise the device will be disabled automatically.
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