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Choose one of the tabs below to get a full description of the different Settings of Pix4Dcapture.

Double Grid
Free Flight


For more information about the supported missions depending on the drone: (Android, iOS) Which type of mission to choose.

Access: In the Home screen, select Polygon. In the Map view, tap ic_settings_green.png and select the Normal or Advanced tab. The Advanced tab give more flexibility and some options cannot be tweaked in the Normal tab.

Angle of the camera (°)

- Except Bebop 2

Defines the tilt (not pan) of the camera between , horizontal, and 90° (default), vertical. The default value is vertical but if it was changed previously, the angle is the one of the last planned mission.

Information: The drone rotates regardless of the camera angle. It means the drone turns by 180° between two consecutive lines, which implies the heading of the drone is not constant. Therefore, the oblique images are not orientated in the same direction if the angle is tilted.

Front overlap (%)

Defines the image front overlap between 20% and 90% (1% intervals). Default value is 80%. For more information about how to set the overlap: Step 1. Before Starting a Project > 1. Designing the Image Acquisition Plan > a. Selecting the Image Acquisition Plan Type.

Side overlap (%)

Defines the image side overlap between 20% and 90% (1% intervals). Default value is 70%. For more information about how to set the overlap: Step 1. Before Starting a Project > 1. Designing the Image Acquisition Plan > a. Selecting the Image Acquisition Plan Type.

Look at grid's center

Defines whether the drone should be oriented towards the center of the mission when taking pictures, Yes, or not, No (default). The point of interest should be the middle of the area to map.

Important: This option only makes a difference in terms of reconstruction if the camera is tilted. Indeed, it can for instance help to capture information from facades of objects.

Picture trigger mode

Defines how pictures are triggered between stopping to shoot, Safe mode, or while the drone is flying, Fast mode (default).

Information: The Safe mode significantly increases the flight time. The Fast mode requires good connection with the drone as the trigger relies on a signal.

Drone speed

Defines the drone's speed from a range between Slow and Fast (default). The maximum speed depends on the selected overlap and flight altitude. The scale has five levels corresponding to percentages of the maximum speed between 100% (Fast) and 60% (Slow). The speed should fluctuate between 2 and 8 m/s for copters and is not constant during the flight since the drone slows down to trigger pictures.

Information: Reducing the speed might help to avoid capturing blurry images, but the Fast option is reliable for an optimal reconstruction with the software.

White balance

- Except Bebop 2

Defines the white balance to apply between Auto (default), Sunny and Cloudy.

Information: It allows to compensate temperatures so that the color of the image is as close as possible to neutral which corresponds to sunlight at noon outdoor. For each image the temperature is adjusted by an algorithm that optimizes the colors.

Ignore homepoint

Defines whether the maximum authorized distance (2 km) between the home point and the flight plan is applied, No (default), or ignored, Yes, to start the mission.

Important: The home point is the location where the drone is turned on and acquires the GPS signal the first time. This distance is mainly for security reasons, to prevent an accidental launch of a mission when the grid is too far away and it is also limited to prevent connectivity losses.

The Reset all settings button makes all options revert to their default values.


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    hello i installed pix4dmapper on my pc, i used polygon
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