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How to export a targeted spraying map - PIX4Dfields

The following article describes how to export a targeted spraying prescription map using PIX4Dfields Targeted Operation feature, to be used by spraying drones and ground sprayers.

Why export a Targeted Operation prescription map?

A targeted spraying prescription is how we can achieve variable rate applications. This approach leads to cost savings by enabling us to apply products precisely where necessary and in the appropriate quantities.

How to export?

To export the Targeted Operation map:

  • Go to Export, Operations.
  • Select the operation layer to export.
  • Select the brand and format:

Types of operations and formats

DJI Agras T-Series

The formats available to export to DJI Agras T-Series are:

  • DJI Agras boundary mission (.shp)
  • DJI Agras VRA mission (.shp and .tiff)

For more information: Spot spraying and variable rate maps for DJI Agras T-series with PIX4Dfields.


When exporting for XAG spraying drones, a .kml file with boundaries for Spray/No-pray areas is exported.

If the map has a hole, it can be exported as:

  • No-spray areas: the drone will fly over without spraying.
  • Obstacles: the drone will not fly over.

For more information: Targeted spraying maps for XAG P100's drones with PIX4Dfields.


A Spot Spraying export format for new Amazone Sprayers, compatible with the Amatron 4 displays. Formats available are:

  • SpotSraying shapefile.
  • ISOXML zipped file.

For more information: AMAZONE monitors - PIX4Dfields.

HARDI GeoSelect

When exporting to HARDI, there are two formats available:

For more information: How to export a variable rate map to a tractor terminal - PIX4Dfields.

Generic tractor/sprayer

It can be exported as:

For more information: How to export a variable rate map to a tractor terminal - PIX4Dfields.