Send all logs - PIX4Dcapture Pro

This article explains how to send the log files when PIX4Dcapture Pro is installed on a mobile device or on the DJI smart controller enterprise.

When PIX4Dcapture Pro is installed on a mobile device:

The PIX4Dcapture Pro log files can be extracted directly from the device. By using this procedure, an email containing all the basic information about the drone and the device, parameters of the last mission, and log files (.zip), is automatically generated:

  • Open PIX4Dcapture Pro
  • Enter the settings
  • Tap Help section
  • From Send all logs by email directly from your device, tap on Send

Once the email has been sent, a Pix4D Support Ticket is automatically generated, and the user can expect an answer within a 24h period window.

Note: An email application must be installed and configured previously.
Note: If the device is offline when attempting to send the logs, the email will remain in the outbox and be automatically sent when an internet connection is retrieved.

When PIX4Dcapture Pro is installed on a DJI remote controller with a built-in screen:

There is no email app installed by default on the DJI remote controllers with a built-in screen, so the log files have to be extracted manually. Extract the PIX4DcaptureProData folder located in Android >Data> com.pix4d.pix4dcapturepro > files > PIX4DcaptureProData. Depending on the default location, it might be in:

  • Internal storage:
    • Option 1: use the appropriate USB cable to extract the logs (the type of USB cable will depend on the computer you are connecting the DJI device to).
    • Option 2: select the folder and copy it to the microSD card.
  • MicroSD card: remove it to access the logs.

Submit a request to our technical support (Contact Pix4D Support) mentioning that the product the request is about is PIX4Dcapture Pro. Explain the problem in detail and attach the log files.

It is a direct upload if the file size is less than 20 MB, otherwise, use any other file-sharing service and send the link (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

Manual workaround:

If none of the above options apply, please consider this manual workaround to extract the PIX4Dcapture Pro log files:

  • Android (procedure not valid for Android 11, 12, and 13):
    • Connect the device to a computer.
    • File Explorer > Select device.
    • Internal Storage > Android > Data > com.pix4d.capturepro folder.
    • Copy it > Zip > Send it to Pix4D Support.
  • iOS:
    • Connect the device to a computer.
    • Open iTunes or iExplorer.
    • File Sharing > PIX4Dcapture Pro.
    • Save PIX4DcaptureProData folder > Zip > Send it to Pix4D Support.