spherical triangle mesh

Good morning,

In one project that we are trying we are having one problem that I can't understand. I attach some screenshots, the report and the *.log *.p4d files of it one. This project is merged from 3 flight of drones and I use to join it to an other bigger. When processing the point cloud and textured mesh,it didn't do well. The point cloud comes out with a lot of noise in the sky, but it's more a problem for not to have do carve in the images, but the mesh has come out as a deformed sphere with very few triangles. I've tried several adjustment options, but I didn't get anything, I always got that deformed ball. Then I put flat surfaces thinking that maybe the mesh was adjusted to those areas and could be clarified better, but it has not worked either.

If you can tell me how to proceed it would be perfect because I think I will have to join them again and start again.

Thanks you all!!