Pix4d Capture decided to sign me off after reaching remote location.

Dear Pix4d community,

I have an issue with Pix4dCapture and I decided to ask the community first, before opening a support ticket.

I'm using Pix4d in glaciology for multiple purposes. Currently I'm deployed in Antarctica, collecting data for a project. As you can imagine, working here means quite poor internet connection at the Station and no internet connection at all during field work. Recently after reaching a remote location and preparing my drones I realized that Pix4dCapture on iOS randomly decided to require sign-in on launch despite working perfectly fine for more than 20 days. Of course that was impossible and the precious day of work was ruined.

Therefore I would like to at least know - what exactly are the requirements for the re-sign-in (sign-in session validity) for Pix4dCapture on iOS? How often do I have to re-sing-in? I just wouldn't like to be surprised like this again and have my work delayed due to such issue.

Thank you very much in advance for all the answers.

Best regards,