Processing settings DJI Phantom 4 RTK

Hi Pix4D,

we're currently in the progress of figuring out the best capture and processing settings for the DJI Phantom 4 RTK. A couple of questions:

Data capturing

  1. The P4RTK offers the choice between saving undistorted or corrected images. Which mode do you recommend for Pix4D?

Once the data is captured and the images are correctly geotagged using either RTK or PPK, what are your recommended settings for processing the data in Pix4D?

Image Properties Editor

  1. DJI stores camera model settings in the image meta data. Do you recommend using those for a newly defined camera model or use the pre-defined and detected camera settings in Pix4D?
  2. Which vertical and horizontal accuracy should be defined?
  3. Should the readings in Omega/Phi/Kappe be altered? 

Initial Processing

What settings should be used in Step 1 - Calibration, especially regarding

  1. Calibration method
  2. Internal Parameters Optimization
  3. External Parameters Optimization