Pix4Dmapper - Large agriculture and vegetation, 3 differents flights, very hard to process


I'm having an hard time to properly process 3 differents flights in one project. The object of the survey is a large and mostly flat agriculture land with some sectors covered in vegetation. We perform 3 differents flights for about 900 photos, 70 mt altitude with an high overlap, so I tried the following:

  • Process the whole data as one project and "standard" settings, resulting in an inclined surface, several sectors empty and several errors reported in the process
  • Process 3 sectors separately, trying either the standard settings, either the following the "alternative" calibration method with 1/2 keypoint image scale
  • Merge the 3 sectors eventually

I've already tried to follow the advices found in these articles



results remains very poor

https://we.tl/t-ztGlSJ9MvF Here's my process report

Also, here's some screenshots of the results... even if the altitude was always the same, it looks like the 3 flights has been placed at differents altitudes...

Maybe somebody could provide some advice?