Import GCP Data from Propeller Aeropoints

I am attempting to import GCP data collected by Propeller Aeropoints and processed by the Propeller Cloud using corrections from the Propeller network.  I have not been able to successfully identify matching coordinate systems offered as output by Propeller and available as a GCP input option in PIX4D mapper.

I have attached a screen shot of the default options Propeller suggests.


Geographic:  NAD83(2011)  EPSC Code:  6319

Projected:  EPSG 6420

Vertical Datum:  EPSG 5703   geoid12b

Units:  Meters


These do not seem to match any PIX4D input options, and I cannot find PIX4D input options that match Propeller output options.

Do you have any recommendations?  I have access to the Aeropoint and plan on using them, but I cannot see how to succeed with PIX4D as the mapping solution yet.

Thank You, Mark