Wild Error in Volume Calculations in Cloud from MAP View

I have uploaded a map with a clear conical dirt pile to PIX4D cloud.  The quality report is excellent and the point cloud is clear.  I have tried to measure the volume in two ways.  First, from the 3D view I trace the base of the pile.  The volume computaion results are as follows:

Area:  3,603 sq ft

Projected Area:  3,572 sq ft (makes sense - slight slope to the base ground)

Volume:  940 cu yards (the pile is about 9 feet high so this is a ballpark reasonable number)

If I then on the same map go to the 2D "MAP" view and use the volume measurement tool there to trace and measure the same pile, I get:

Area:  3,552 sq ft (this is consistent with the above)

Volume:  34,124 cu yards!!!  Not possible - this would correspond to a cylinder about 100 yards tall!

What is going on here?  Same map, same dirt pile.


Here is the map in question:


Thanks, Mark