Pix4D Mavic 2 Processing Issues

Best Solution (as of the time of this edit):  Upgrade to Pix4D 4.4.9.  As of the time of this edit-entry it isn't part of the automatic update but is available at https://cloud.pix4d.com/download/

Hey Guys,  

I just got the new Mavic 2...takes great pics...but I'm having issues processing these scenes.  The GPS coordinates showing in the pictures actual files are correct...but they translate incorrectly in pix 4d

Below are the pix4d results from processing the Mavic 2 photos....the red are where the software says we droned...the blue is where we actually droned.  The differences is approx 1.6 miles

The GPS coordinates on the actual file are correct but they translate incorrectly in the pix 4D software....the second picture shows what the true

Additionally the Moasaic is having blur/overlap/double-vision issues as shown below:


Any Advise?