Maximum computer for time reduction.


We work in a field environment collecting aerial images and it is apparent that our current computer setup is inadequate to process (render) the 3d mosaic image in pix4d in a suitable time (typically 2+ hrs)...we need to reduce this time as much as possible. Time reduction trumps cost of a new computer system by a very significant amount.

Initially the first thing that comes to mind is a dual cpu system for a total of 16 cores. Im not sure if this is a good idea yet but thats my initial thought.

What are the software limitations...would the software be able to take advantage of a dual cpu system?

Do you have an example of a system that could render 200 photos in say 30 minutes?

here is a quick example of something similar to what I was thinking about

What are your recommendations for a pix4d workstation that can provide the ultimate pix4d rendering experience (fastest time)