Pix4D Computer hardware community benchmark

Welcome to the Pix4d community benchmark thread for computer hardware. Below is a list of goals that I would like this thread to provide to the Pix4d community.

1. To provide insight on what hardware you should acquire for your type of processing.

2. To provide up-to-date benchmarks for complete system builds.

3. To provide specific projects for the community to download, render and report back the project report with a list of their computer hardware.


// Here is how I see this working.

1. Download a project file to run on your hardware. (Links Below)

2. Render the project on your machine. (please render the project with only pix4d running)

3. Send your notes along with the report that Pix4D produces and your complete hardware list to me at brian@aerialimageryreports.com

// Use this for your hardware list

CPU - Model and Speed and if you are overclocking it
CPU Cooler - Model
GPU - Model
RAM Amount - Total GB
RAM Speed - Brand and speed
Hard Drive or SSD or M.2 - Size and Model
Motherboard Model or Computer Model if not custom built
Operating system and version

If you really want to get fancy you could provide a link to a build on pcpartpicker.com

I would like this so our community could see what the current price of a machine might cost. I could also build these if you are not familiar with pcpartpicker.com


I am sure that we will come up with more ideas and information and I will update this post to reflect that as we move forward. 
Please post or email me at brian@aerialimageryreports.com with any ideas or questions.