Manually taking control during flight.

P4D, Yesterday I few a commercial / authorized mission.
The craft was a DJI P4 with a doble grip mission.

During my flignt two osprey came close to the uas and i had the need to take control. However, i did not and the osprey flew away. Needless to say it made me a bit nervous but thankfully nothing happened. The mission completed with no problems. Now i have some questions:

If i had taken control by putting the craft is sprot or atti mode, once the danger passed, if I swithch it back to P mode, would p4d capture take the uas back to where it left off? Or would i need to start the mission again ?

2. Did i read correctly in your online documentation that with crt+ and pid capture open and running on my device and connected to the drone, i can start the motors abd fly it manually as if i were using the DJI app? (Minus the camera bell and wistle controls they provide).

3. I do not like how "fast or aggressively" the drone lands when completing a mission. I noticed that i can only control the altitude (push up) to mitigate how soft it touches down. How is this different than overide in flight? In otherword why dont i need to flip my atti switch during landing.

4. If starting a mission mid flight (lets say i took off manually) it is understook that i would need to take off in ATTI mode until i reach theocatuon where i want to give control to the apps?

If you can please elaborate, i would appreciate it. Knowing this infornation and being clear about it will help us heep our operations safe. Thank you.