1. PIX4Dmapper Crash Troubleshooting
  2. Error e9034: Problem uploading item to the cloud
  3. Pix4Dmapper guide to troubleshoot issues
  4. "This app has been blocked for your protection" warning when installing Pix4Dmapper on Windows 10
  5. Rename images to place in same file directory
  6. Horizontal shift after a coordinate system transformation is applied
  7. Error e0046: "Processing failed."
  8. Exif/Xmp tags required for radiometric correction for multispectral camera
  9. Error e0400: "Cannot open project..."
  10. Pix4Dmapper shuts down when the Quality Report is displayed
  11. How to correct for wrong image altitude without GCP
  12. Poisson Surface Reconstruction freezes at 40% while generating the 3D Textured Mesh
  13. Vertical shift between the model and the GCPs / Cannot mark the GCPs in the rayCloud
  14. Color Discrepancy for Edited Regions in the Mosaic Editor
  15. Corridor Project has Big Errors on the Edges
  16. Error e0067: "Detected camera name_focal_resolution. This camera is not supported by this edition of Pix4Dmapper. To process more cameras, contact Pix4D."
  17. Warning w0026: "Loading results failed: Incorrect coordinate system."
  18. The 3D Textured Mesh does not cover the full area of the model
  19. Error e0049: Error in the point cloud densification
  20. Error e0050: "Orthomosaic generation stopped"
  21. Warning w0011: "The loaded .prj file does not contain the TOWGS84 parameter. This may lead to incorrect georeferencement."
  22. Error: There is a significant difference between the Initial and Optimized Focal Length
  23. Errors processing a Large Dataset
  24. Error: merged projects create more than one block and / or they do not adjust
  25. Error: Black Holes in the Point Cloud - green, orange and yellow Rectangles in the Overlap Map in the Quality Report
  26. Error: The rayCloud does not display all / some layers, appears black / white or display artifacts
  27. Error: "Error with the server" while uploading to Pix4D Cloud
  28. Distortions and Artifacts in the Orthomosaic
  29. Some Areas of the DSM have a lot of Noise
  30. Big triangles generated in the DSM

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