Mission Planner is a cloud tool that allows users to manage projects and missions synchronized with PIX4Dcapture PRO, allowing to execute them with the different supported drone models. Together with the Project and Mission management, Mission Planner adds some additional functionalities like mission splitting, import boundaries from external files or visualize terrain and flight profile. These functionalities enable the planning of projects containing multiple missions in an efficient way. Promoting data organization, progress monitoring and data analysis based on different parameters such as flight time, mission status, area or completion percentage.

  1. Getting started - Mission Planner
  2. Plan Management - Mission Planner
  3. Mission Management - Mission Planner
  4. Mission edition - Mission Planner
  5. File import - Mission Planner
  6. Split mission - Mission Planner
  7. Mission types - Mission Planner
  8. FAQ - Mission Planner

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