Large Project Processing Issues

I have been trying to process a large project with 6,800 photos for a few weeks now.  Every time it gets close to the end of the initial step it shuts down, and doesn't complete it.  It shows its green like it completed, but there is not a quality report.  It will let you go to step two, but the same thing towards the end of it, it shuts down.  The same thing, it shows green like it's completed, but there still is no quality report.  When you try to go to step three, it will not do it, I think because it can't find a point cloud, or something with the point cloud.  It gives errors, and says something about the point cloud.  I know it's not my computer, because it has plenty of processing power, and storage.  I've been processing 5,000-6,000 photo jobs for a few years now with no problems.  This just started with version 4.4.12.

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