PARROT ANAFI and Pix4DCapture troubles

I have several troubles with my ANAFI and Pix4DCapture (Android OS) with HUAWEI 20 Lite and HUAWEI 20. During several flights the app stopped to show that drone take pictures nevertheless that mission continue. After finishing of the flight I can see that furtunatlly all pictures are saved on SD-card of the drone. In result the app did not register all really taken images in the project and when upload the project to the cloud the processing not use all taken images! It is strange that when Pix4DCapture syncing images from the drone sometime the counter shows more images that are registered in the project and confusion is full!!! Please, see screenshot below - it shows more than my many words!


In my opinion there is some problem in the app with synchronization of the shooter of the drone camera, because all other data from telemetry were correct during the continuing flights and the connection was stable whole time. But finally the project is not complete (according Pix4DCapture) and results from processing in the cloud are not useful. Ofcourse, I downloaded manually images from the drone and uploaded manually in the cloud and receive results, but it is not expected behavior from stable app for flight planning and control!!!


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